Titan 30 Gallon Special Event

Dimension  40″ x 19.5″ 9.5″     Fitting Size   custom “    Weight 24lbs

Quadel Industries 30 gallon Special Event / RV Tanks are an ideal solution to your agriculture portable sanitation and RV  potable water requirements. These rugged tanks can endure the harsh environment of the  orchards and fields where workers need drinking water and water to wash up with after a hard days work.

Quadel Industries special event tanks are great for so many uses , such as agriculture, parties, weddings or any large gathering of people where potable water needs to be dispensed for drinking or sanitary needs.

We currently manufacture 2 standard sizes of special event water tanks , the Model 15 which holds 15 gallons and the Model 30 which holds 30 gallons of water. Both models with a 3″ fitting and plug for easy refills and a 3/8″ fitting with spigot.