Titan 250 Gallon Hauling

Dimension  84″ x 40″  x 16″ Fitting Size   1 – 1/2″ Bulk head fitting – 3″  Filler Cap – and  Breather Cap   Weight 75lbs

Quadel Industries Titan 250 Gallon Hauling tank is an ideal choice for hauling large quantities of potable water in the back of your truck or van. These Low profile tanks keep a low center of gravity to reduce sloshing and weight shifting when transporting to your next job or work site.

Quadel Industries Water Hauling tanks are ideal for use in the back of your pick up truck or cargo van. From the 60 gallon tank for light applications to the 350 gallon tank with plenty capacity for the big jobs.

Our Water Hauling tanks are built to last using the Rotational Molding process , the one piece design makes them exceptionally strong and durable.