Quadel Water Tanks and UV Protection

I often get questions from people about how well protected our water tanks are from exposure to the sun , we normally call this UV exposure.

The Virgin LLDPE resin we use has a UV 8 rating , and generally gives a product 5-10 years protection, Which is pretty standard in the industry.

Now if [...]

Titan Tanks In Inventory and Ready to Ship!

Its summer time and Titan Tank season is in full force with Titan Tanks leaving our facility on a daily basis.

Check out some of the loads going out on one of our carriers double flat bed in the Tank Loads section. We have the production crew molding tanks all day long to ensure [...]

Quadel Titan Water Tanks Headed South

Another Water Tank Load heading out of the Plant , here we have a full load of 2500 gallon tanks. Quadel Industries works with many different shipping companies to


Water Tank Load Quadel Industries

Here we have a mixed load of water Tanks going out with 2500 gallon , and 1500 gallon as well as some smaller 175 gallon tanks as well on a flatbed headed south .